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How we work

Honesty First. No gimmicks, no miracles. We won’t take your money if we see that a project might fail

We keep it simple. Our delivery and client engagement process is based on three key principles : Software is People's Business

The measure of success is not the check in the bank, but the end user's adoption of the new system.

Symbolic India Software Solutions

By the People

A strong, well-organized team is key. We are fluent in the most sophisticated project methodologies, but deeply believe that it all comes down to two teams – ours and client's, respecting and bringing the best in each other. We do not believe in people-independent delivery processes. Instead, we create an environment where people are motivated to stay and perform.

Humble, long term-focused vendor is worth two greedy ones

We invest in relationships with our clients, by putting our own resources upfront to explore the new systems, fine-tune client-specific processes and mitigate risks.

We make it Easy to Engage and Change Course as Needed

Symbolic India Software Solutions

We Bleed Agile!

Business Level Approach

We consider a project to be successful only when business stakeholders see the value of the investments required to complete the development. To ensure that the business needs are properly addressed we always align the project goals and timelines with the business goals.

Execution Level Approach

We see the strength of Symbolic India Software Solutions’s service in our ability for efficient problem solving rather than working under the tight control of day-by-day supervision by the customer. This means that the engagement structure should include not only the development services but also such components as discovery, solution proof of concept, ongoing support and improvements.

Continuous Delivery

The Continuous Delivery approach is at the heart of Symbolic India Software Solutions’s Delivery Model, providing a flexible but reliable framework for project execution and delivery. The key feature of the approach is an optimized delivery cycle so that changes can be implemented quickly and the results can become reliable and predictable.

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