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Development Process

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We follow an iterative and incremental development process, development proceeds as a series of iterations that evolve into the final system. Each iteration consists of the following process components: requirement analysis, cost analysis, designs, implementation, and test. The developers do not assume that all requirements are known at the beginning of the lifecycle, indeed change is anticipated throughout all phases.


The Rational process is structured along two dimensions:

  • Time--division of the lifecycle into phases and iterations.
  • Process components--production of a specific set of artifacts with well-defined activities.

Both dimensions must be taken into account for a project to succeed. Structuring a project along the time dimension involves the adoption of the following time based phases: Inception--the specification of the project vision.

Elaboration --> Planning the necessary activities and required resources; specifying the features and designing the architecture.

  • Construction--building the product as a series of incremental iterations.
  • Transition--supplying the product to the user community (manufacturing, Delivering, and training).

Structuring the project along the process component dimension includes the following activities :

  • Requirements analysis--description of what the system should do.
  • Design--how the system will be realized in the implementation phase.
  • Implementation--the production of the code that will result in an executable system.
  • Test--the verification of the entire system.
  • Each activity of the process component dimension is applied to the each Phase of the time-based dimension
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